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Course Overview

The 100 mile course will incorporate five loops on the Pemberton, Shallmo & Cinch trails, with part of the first loop also being on the Escondido trail. Trails feature rolling single track through the Sonoran Desert. Run past giant Saguaro Cactus, granite boulders and dry wash-beds as you tour the most popular trail of McDowell Mountain Regional Park. 100 kilometer runners will compete 3 loops.

Loops are run “washing machine” style, meaning each is reversed allowing you to keep an eye on the competition, see your friends and meet other runners all day and night.

Each loop features a gentle climb from the start/finish at Javelina Jeadquarters to the high point near the foothills of the McDowell Mountain range (with total gain for each loop of approximately 1,580 ft). The trail dips in and out of wash beds on the far side of the course before descending back to the start finish. The trail is a mix of hard packed granite, rocks and sand.

Course Records

100 Mile

Men – 13:01:14

Patrick Reagan (2017)

Women – 14:52:14

Devon Yanko (2015)


Men – 8:32:41

Makai Clemons (2017)

Women – 8:48:45

Courtney Dauwalter (2016)

Trail Distances

First Loop – 22.3 miles
Loops 2-5 – 19.45 miles
Total mileage – 100.1 miles

(Approximate mileage according to McDowell Mountain Regional Park)

Start Line Elevation
High Point
Course Map

GPS Files
100 Mile


100 Km
Aid Station Distances

There are four aid stations per loop around the Pemberton Trail: Coyote Camp, Jackass Junction, Rattlesnake Ranch and Javelina Jeadquarters (Start/Finish). The longest distances between stations will be 6.5 miles between Coyote Camp and Jackass Junction, as well as 6.6 miles between Rattlesnake Ranch and Javelina Jeadquarters on the first loop. Please be prepared for this stretch by carrying a MINIMUM two bottles of water. If you plan to be running a 24-30 hour pace, we highly recommend a hydration pack or even more water capacity for this section in the heat of the day (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)! Water & ice will be available at all aid stations.

Food provided will include fruit, sweet snacks, salty snacks, chips, pumpkin pie, soda, electrolyte drink, Gatorade, potatoes, bean burritos, PB&J, and soup. Additional meals of sub sandwiches, pizza and burgers will be served at Javelina Jeadquarters throughout the race.

We want to thank the following running groups for volunteering at our aid stations:
Rattlesnake Ranch – Surprise Running Club
Jackass Junction – Justin “The Lip” Lutick & Friends, AZ TraiLeggers, Central High School Cross Country Team
Coyote Camp – Hash House Harriers, HOKA ONE ONE, RWB
Javelina Jeadquarters – AZ TraiLeggers

Elevation Profiles - NOT FLAT!!!
Elevation Gain

100 Mile Profile

Elevation Gain

100 Km Profile

Course Markings

The course will be marked with orange ribbon with black polka dots along the entire course.  Blue & white checkerboard ribbon will be placed at junctions or trails not a part of the race.  Bright yellow signs labeled with the Javelina Jundred logo and arrows will also be placed at all junctions on the course, with wrong way signs on trails that are not a part of the race.

During the night, reflective markers will be placed around the loop to further assist runners.

Additionally, all trails and trail junctions within McDowell Mountain Park are signed with permanent signs by the park.

Course Description

The race begins at the Four Peaks Staging Area (Javelina Jeadquarters) and heads down the Shallmo wash. The trail crosses McDowell Mountain Park Drive a little bit later and continues with more undulating hills. In the next mile, the trail crosses several very sandy areas including Pemberton Wash.

Continuing past the Tonto Tank Trail junction and the sandy area, the trail makes a sharp turn to the left at the base of long hill. A short while later, the trail curves to the right and begins to ascend the hill. You will see the Coyote Camp aid station at the junction with a park service road on the left. The next couple of miles are a steady climb up very rocky trail. There are large rocks embedded in the trail and smaller rocks loosely covering the trail. The rocks soon subside and the trail evens out as it turns north approaching the McDowell Mountains. The hills and valleys become more significant at this point.

The next section of trail dips in and out of even larger sandy washes and desert drainages as the trail continues to head north. There will be many times where you lose and gain anywhere from 20 to 50 feet of elevation. The trail here is a bit narrow and there are some round logs placed in the trail to prevent erosion which you must run over, but it is mostly clear of the rocks present in the first section.

You will wind through the desert and around some neat boulder formations before dropping down near Granite Tank, the location of the Jackass Junction Aid Station. From there, you will take the newly re-aligned (2013) Pemberton Trail leaving the Jackass aid station which winds parallel to the old Pemberton trail jeep road. This section is a gradually downhill single track that winds to the next aid station located at the North road crossing.

The Rattlesnake Ranch Aid Station (sponsored by Surprise Running Club) is located on the south side of the road crossing. From here the first loop takes you along the Escondido trail back to Javelina Jeadquarters. The other loops will take have you continue along the Pemberton trail to the Cinch trail which will take you to Javelina Jeadquarters.